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ADDRESS:  Grande Prairie, Alberta


PHONE:  780-832-3547

Clayton Shaw Men’s Basketball Executive Committee 


President – Franklin Matias  

The Treasurer – Ryan Danderfer  

Secretary – Dale Ross 

Director – Matt Sellin 

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Clayton Shaw Men's Basketball Association is the longest-standing Men's basketball association in the Grande Prairie and Peace Country area. We provide 3 divisions in our league, A, B & C. From competitive, semi, and leisure. With basketball growing fast in our area, our league is a great option to continue your basketball career, play competitively, or just get out to have fun. We provide ABOA Officials, with full-size basketball courts and league play with Playoffs. Spectators are always welcome.


Clayton Shaw was a basketball enthusiast – so much so that he built an actual ball court in his house! They owned (still own?) Shaw construction. He not only played with the league but also helped sponsor teams and was a figure in the community. Clayton has passed but the league organizers at the time named it to honor his memory.

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